If your vehicle has CarPlay that connects using a USB cable, the device will work. Wireless CarPlay will not work with the media box. The head unit must be a touch screen also. CarPlay will only work using a USB connection.

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To test out if you have CarPlay, turn off Bluetooth, and connect your Apple or Android phone with a USB cable. If the apps (Spotify, Waze, Google Maps, WhatsApp, etc) on your phone loads up to the car stereo system, It has CarPlay.

Example of CarPlay interface with Android and Apple:
Unfortunately at the moment, the MMB box only works with CarPlay that uses a cable wire. Hopefully we will have a media box soon that will work with wireless CarPlay
You must have hotspot on your mobile phone or a hotspot device to connect the media box to the internet. The media box will connect to your hotspot using Wi-Fi.
Yes, the media will work while the vehicle is in motion. The box is only intended to be used when the vehicle is in park.
**Do not use the device if you are driving the vehicle!!!**
You are able to watch NetFlix, YouTube, AmazonPrime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, ESPN, DirectTV, Twitch and more. You must download the apps from the Google Play Store to watch. (Subscriptions will be required depending on the app)

Watch movies, live TV, sports, gaming streams, TV shows, and more!
Yes, you can watch and listen to downloaded videos/movies/music without the internet if you can have a USB or flash drive. Insert the flash drive into the USB port of the device to load the files onto to the device. This will allow you watch videos without connecting to WiFi.

We recommend downloading a good media player from the Play Store to play videos and music.
Yes, you can download any games that is available on the Google Play Store.
The media box has a HDMI output to allow you to connect the device to the rear entertainment system. HDMI cable will be required.
With this device, you are able to use CarPlay without a USB wire if your vehicle only allows CarPlay to be connected with a cable.
We recommend unplugging the device when not in use. Some vehicle will power up the USB even if the ignition is off. If there is no power to the USB when the vehicle is off, it should be okay to leave the media box connected.

You can test this out by turning off the car with the ignition off and try to charge your phone using the same USB outlet and see if your phone charges when it is off. If it still charges your phone when the vehicle is off, please remember to unplug the media box, this can drain out your battery and overheat the media box.
Absolutely, the media box is an external device and does not alter any setting of the car stereo system. As long as any car has CarPlay that uses a USB cable, the device will work for multiple cars (not at same time). All settings, apps and, login will be stored within the media box.
The device is an external box and does not alter any settings for your car.
It is a simple plug and play device, simply plug the device into the USB port for CarPlay. You will have to set up the connection to the WiFi/hot spot, which is quick and easy to do.