Heavy Hitters 510 Thread Rechargeable Battery


Heavy Hitters 510 Thread Rechargeable Battery

Heavy Hitters Ultimate Variable Voltage Battery.

Engineered to provide the best vaping experience preserving the flavorful terpenes, and helps extend the life of the pod.

Easy To Use :

• Choose Your Ideal Temperature

• Button Activated

• 3 Voltage Settings:

2.0v, 2.5v, 3.0

Pro Tips:

For small hits we recommend using at 2.0v (Blue light)

For an average size hit we recommend using at 2.5v (Green light)

For Heavy Hitters we recommend using at 3.0v (Red light)

Power On/Off :

• Click square button 5x rapidly

• Blue light blinks 3x

• Hold button & inhale

Switch Voltage:

• Click button 3x to cycle through settings


• Click button 2x to initiate 10-seconds pre-heating LED light cycle

Compatible with all 510 thread cartridges, Rechargeable with Micro-USB cable included.


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