Runtz Live Resin Honeycomb Crumble Wax

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Runtz Live Resin Honeycomb Crumble Wax

• Lab Tested

• Pesticide Free

• 90% THC Content

• Derived from Freshly Frozen Organic Cannabis Flower


Our Live Resin Crumble Wax is considered “Live“ because it’s derived from fresh cannabis flower that is frozen immediately after harvest. As apposed to being derived from dried or cured cannabis flower.


This technique helps to lock in more of the cannabinoids and terpenes leaving behind all of the unique aroma and flavor profiles from the actual flower it is being extracted from.


This higher concentration of terpenes leads to a more robust and flavorful experience.


While the higher concentration of cannabinoids delivers a more potent and well rounded high.


All of our concentrates are grown and extracted in Los Angeles, CA.


This product contains THC, it does not contain any Psilocybin.


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